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A to Z of Information Security

The purpose of information security is to protect an organisation’s valuable assets, such as information, Intellectual property, hardware, and software. Through the selection and application of appropriate safeguards or controls, information security helps an organisation to meet its business objectives by protecting its physical and financial resources, reputation, legal position, employees, and other tangible and […]

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#Fail – 11 Social Media No-No’s

Whether you’re a small business with a solitary Twitter account, a mid-sized agency using the latest social monitoring tools, or a huge enterprise with a multi-million pound cross-platform presence, at some point, we all will make mistakes with social media.   It’s OK to be honest and admit that you get confused about social media, its […]


Wake up and understand your customers 1

Part 3 In Part 2 in this series of 3 posts on understanding your customers, I covered the ‘Do’s’ of understanding. In Part 3 I’d like to cover some of the main ‘Don’ts’! Don’t Take Customer Research at face value The value of any research findings depends critically on the accuracy of the data collected. […]

Wake Up and Understand Your Customers 1

Part 2 In Part 1 in this series of 3 posts on understanding your customers, I covered the basics. In this part I’d like to cover some of the main ‘Do’s’ when it comes to improved customer understanding. If you missed part 1 – click here! The Do’s! Above all – Listen to your customers […]

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A to Z of Business Strategy

For many businesses, January signals the start of the strategic planning cycle for the next financial year, so I thought I’d publish this A to Z to refresh people’s memories or for those maybe doing it for the first time give some pointers on key focus areas. A – Ansoff Matrix Ansoff’s matrix is a […]